Why work with us

We aren't just building a house. We're building YOUR house.

We remember this at every stage of working with you. From the way we listen to your ideas to the way we interact with your neighbors and surrounding neighborhood when on-site, we pay special attention to how the project is going. After all, if you're not happy, we're not happy.

As one of Orinda's only locally-focused home builders, we do not take lightly the opportunities we have in the stewardship of our environment and natural resources. Many of our existing projects and practices are already "green," but we always want to do more.

  • We work with your architect
  • We navigate Design Review
  • We are Green Certified Builders
  • We know how to build in Orinda
  • We are not just your builders, but your neighbors as well
Pallets OF WOOD

Our process

Kick-Off Consultation


Before we can create your masterpiece, we like to have a coffee first.

Our initial sit down will uncover all of the hopes, dreams, aspirations and desires (as they relate to your home building project.) We will listen more than we will talk.


Initial Design Concepts
Together, let's discuss what you want to do with your home.

This is the stage where we narrow down the project items and start to sketch out what they may look like. You might have these plans already prepared from your architect at which point we'll review those plans and add our two cents.

Design Development


Here is where we lay some tight drawings, diagrams and pictures on the table.

We've had the chance to review the sketches and now it's time to really sharpen the pencil. We will look at samples, substrates, swatches and any other words that start with an "s." Following this meeting, we'll both have a very clear idea of what we are building, how we are building it and how long it's going to take.


Construction Estimates
Brilliance doesn't come without a cost. That said, we like to err on the side of reasonable and realistic.

With any construction project comes the inevitable, "How much is this going to set you back?" Since McCartt Construction has its own team of builders, we are able to keep our overhead lower than most construction firms. At the risk of sounding tacky, we like to pass those savings on to you. We will present a cost proposal that is clear, honest and realistic.



Where the rubber meets the road, er, we mean, where the hammer meets the nail.

We never forget that the "jobsite" is your home. From the way we tidy up after we leave each day to the light footprint we leave in your surrounding neighborhood, we pride ourselves on amazing craftsmanship and outstanding citizenship.